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From Behind the Scenes to Front and Center

Disney’s new movie, “Saving Mr. Banks,” brings front and visible a couple of people that normally work their considerable magic behind the scenes – the songwriters.  Although many songwriters are also performers, some write songs exclusively for others to perform.  And so it was with the Sherman Brothers, Richard and Robert, who wrote scores of memorable songs for Disney movies during the Disney ID-100142354Studios heyday.  Showered with much deserved acclaim and awards for their songs, nevertheless their work kept them behind the cameras and to the general public, less known than the characters that sang their songs.

However, fifty years after the release of the movie Mary Poppins, they are unexpectedly highly visible historical characters. You can read about it here.  Only Richard Sherman is still alive to experience it, but imagine the feelings of having something new happen in your career at the age of 85.

Keep on doing what you love.  You never know what will come of it.

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