Errant Music and Arts


Errant Music can take over the following business functions for you.   Schedule a 30 minute consult at no cost, and then we’ll design a custom package from these areas that meets your personal needs and budget.

Image Building: create the story of the band or songwriter, and plan related materials to craft a memorable image and character that people want to talk about

Project Management: cd recording and release, radio campaign, press campaign, tour set-up

Social Media Management: design your social media presence, maintain and monitor social media

Business Planning: identify business or creative goals and design a plan for how to reach them

Rights Management: register and monitor songwriter and performer royalties with collection agencies and other registration agencies, licensing services

Legal: consulting, performance, recording, producer, and other contracts, business organization issues


To find if we can help you, email us at with your act’s name, links to the act’s website(s), and a description of what you need help with.

Things you might say in your email:

  • I have a band and some records and I don’t know what to do next.
  • I have a tour booked and want to do get some press for the shows.
  • I want to try and get my songs in a movie.
  • I know my songs have been recorded by other people, but I don’t know how to get my money.
  • I want my songs played on the radio.
  • I want my records to be easier to buy.
  • I don’t know how to keep track of my fans.
  • and lots of other things . . . just throw your issue out there and we’ll figure it out.