Errant Music and Arts

FAQ or Can I Work With You?


 Do you work with brand new acts?

Yes.  But we can’t make you a star.  We can help YOU make you a star.

Do you work with established acts?

Yes.  As you grow, you need more help, and we can do that.

I know I need something, but I don’t know what. Can you still help?

Yes. We can help you figure out what your next step should be, and we can help you take that step.

What will this cost? 

Because we offer so many different types of service and we customize that service to accomplish the project or goal you are working on, there is no way to answer that question until we talk to you.  The good news is, our service is affordable for indie musicians (though not free), and you don’t have to pay anything to talk to us and find out what your project will cost.  We can say that a project could be as little as $100 all the way up to several thousand.   There may be a flat fee onetime charge, or a monthly charge for ongoing projects, or an hourly billing rate.  If you can’t do what you want within the budget you have, we’ll tell you.  But we’ll also try to offer you something that will be useful to you and that stays within your budget.

How do I get a cost estimate from you?

Start by emailing the following information:

  • your act’s name
  • links to the website and other online presences
  • a description of the kind of help you are looking for
  • any critical dates or timelines related to your project
  • email to